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A long, long time ago in the early September of 2012…

The “Checking In” team gathered to talk about what we’d do next. Antholgies seem to work for us, so that was the way we were going to go. We also had a collective love of horror movies, especially the old films from Hammer. From this madness came “The House of The Screaming Death” (we dropped the second “the” shortly after).  Four stories; ghosts, witches, vampyres, demons all woven together by our very own master of the macabre, The Architect. Such a simple idea, but it took on a life of its own and grew beyond our expectations.


Casting was undertaken and location scouting began. As part of the process we produced a series of mini prequels to each of the films’ main stories which would give people their first look at the world we were creating. There was a modestly successful crowdfunding campaign and we built up a core team of crew who would be with us throughout the shoot.


Production design went into full swing with props, make-up and costume being created alongside storyboards and concept art. At the same time we documented the process with a series of videos – “The Blog of Screaming Death”. In August 2015 principal photography began on “The Witch in the Mirror”.

This was followed by “The Lady in Grey”.

And then “The Vampyre”.

And “The Diabolique”.

Once principal photography wrapped we went away (to recover) and the process of assembling the first edit began. In february 2016 a week of pick-up shots and additional footage was undertaken. During this week we also filmed all of the linking sequences for the film featuring The Architect.

“The House of Screaming Death” is currently in post production, where it is being edited prior to scoring and the million other things that a film requires before it is released. We’re also busy promoting the film at comic conventions on radio and television.

I hope you stick with us as our little film (that grew slightly out of hand) draws close to completion. It’s been a long, amazing ride filled with fantastic people, brilliant locations and more than a few surprises. Our next big surprise will come later today with the release of a brand new trailer where we finally reveal the answer to the question we have been asking for so long now – “Who is The Architect?”.