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In September 2012, a group of slightly crazy people were putting the finishing touches to the award winning “Checking In” and talking about what to do next. From that came the anthology horror film “The House of Screaming Death” featuring four tales of terror related to a group of very special guests by a collector of the macabre known only as The Architect.


This is how we began our indie film, with a teaser trailer before our crowdfunding campaign – youtu.be/XcBwYa5JVVE just a little something for the curious. A tiny tidbit to whet your appetites for the scares that were yet to come…


Then we introduced special teasers for the stories from the film begining with “The Lady in Grey” – youtu.be/blLzGG42HOg


“The Witch in the Mirror” came next and gave us our first glimpse of the dark menace of the Necromancers – https://youtu.be/euvud9Rc3bA


A doomed attempt to track “The Vampyre” followed and the earth ran red with the blood of his victims – https://youtu.be/XblQFTZmEGo


A summoning of dark forces in “The Diabolique” teaser may open the gateway to the destruction of everything you know and love – https://youtu.be/aImCAy2t5Oo

another namenighht.png

In August 2015 an intensive shoot was undertaken using a variety of stunning locations and featuring some fantastic actors. The first full trailer gave us a taste of what was yet to come – https://youtu.be/OiUdB_BpbEQ in our little anthology and begins to show the wonderful locations, high production values and amazing cast.


A week of pick-ups and additional scenes followed in February 2016 and then the film was turned over to the editors – the footage is spectacular! Tomorrow will see the release of a brand new trailer which finally reveals the identity of the film’s lead actor, something we’ve been keeping to ourselves for long months now (most of the cast and some crew have no idea yet who he is!). I’m pretty sure the internet will explode at 2pm on saturday and I’m looking forward to seeing how people react to our little film.