I’ve been a wee bit quiet of late. But that’s mostly down to being a wee bit busy. For now I shall do a brief overview, but I’ll go into details on these projects soon enough.

I started the year up to my neck in a gritty urban Brit drama called “Sustain”.


I acted as producer on the project, and also somehow managed to do all the make-up and SPFX and provide home made pizza and chicken wings every day of the shoot!

Sustain was a fun, challenging shoot and I got to work with an incredible team and some truly amazing actors – it rained, it snowed, we had gale force winds and if Gojira had wandered around and said “hi” I wouldn’t have been surprised.

We were also working like crazy to finalise “The House of Screaming Death” ready for its premier and that wicked little slice of homage horror is currently on the festival circuit and will be shown at the Starburst International Film Festival this month (I love Starburst magazine!).


I also finally managed to get a photograph taken with the star of HOSD Ian McNeice. I’ve worked with him, appeared on film and at conventions with him and somehow not got a photo taken until now!

Our incredible film GRID has been garnering 5 star reviews as it screens at festivals across the globe (and I get to work with the star Steve Salt again tomorrow!).13988224_10157364136260241_5230077683738971833_o.jpg

And then things got kind of crazy. This week I’ve been working on two projects. First of all the incredible true story of resistance fighter Willem Arondeus where I provided make-up and special effects.


And at the same time I served as Producer, co-director and actor on “The Hunted” – a wicked little sci-fi short…


Somewhere in there we’ve also fitted in convention appearances, promotion and public screenings of HOSD, lots of festival stuff and did I mention the upcoming features “Teggie” and “You Are My Sunshine”?

Watch this space folks. Cool stuff is happening ^_^