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The ultimate biological terror.
The ultimate reality television.
A deadly virus, a city under quarantine and a team of highly trained soldiers sent in to eradicate those infected. The Hunters are fighting for their lives against overwhelming odds and the whole thing is being televised in all its high definition blood drenched glory.

Hunters is available in print : Paperback

on Kindle: Kindle Edition

and in a variety of other eBook formats: Hunters eBook

distant voices (2)

An anthology of twenty tales of short fiction that will thrill, amaze and terrify you in turns.

Long Haul
A man dealing with the solitude of being on the longest deep space mission in human history.

An urban street gang protect their home territory from anyone or anything.

Choosers of the Slain
Vietnam, 1966; a country torn apart by war. A Marine encounters something in the dark jungle, is it the enemy, or something else?

Trip Hazard: Freedom’s Hero
Freedom’s Hero fights the forces of evil for truth, justice and liberty.

The Body in the Shed
Two brothers discover something in their garden shed, but is it something wonderful or terrifying?

Cleanup Crew
Following the aftermath of the events in the novel Hunters, a squad of soldiers enter the Quarantine Zone in the wake of tragedy.

Last Train Home  – Have you ever stood alone on a train platform after dark? Catching the last train home could be the last thing you ever do.

Distant Voices is available in print: Paperback

on Kindle: Kindle Edition

and in a variety of other eBook formats: Distant Voices eBook


I remember my death so clearly.
People say that your whole life flashes before your eyes. That didn’t happen to me. For me it was an explosion of light and then a searing pain that vanished in an instant as the .50 calibre Desert Eagle round ripped through my sternum.
I remember my resurrection less clearly.

What do you do when you wake up in a coffin after being mugged at gunpoint? Dead! is a short zombie tale.

Reader reviews:

“This is a great read. I think this author brings a little magic to his prose.”

“Very good. Original and entertaining. Zombies have been done to death so it’s refreshing to see a story that keeps it fresh and makes you want to keep reading!”

Have you ever wished that you could learn something in your sleep? Overnight you can do something new – instant knowledge on demand. The Implant is all that and more, but instant knowledge comes at a cost…

Reader reviews:

“an extremely fascinating yet terrifying concept is presented. I highly recommend you read this!”

Where does attraction end and obsession begin?
Is murder justified if it brings you closer to your one true love?
When you’re treading the fine line between attraction and single-minded obsession, a few brutal deaths shouldn’t stand in your way…

Reader reviews:

“Short and creepy. I mean eeww, really? But well done and worth reading”

“Nice glimpse into the mind of a crazy person. Great short story.”

There is a severed arm on top of the television set and I’m reasonably certain that it does not belong to me… A man’s home is his castle, his fortress, his place to escape the world outside. Attacked, imprisoned, clinging to life, counting the moments until his assailants return and terrified of the fate that awaits when they do…

Reader reviews:

“A good read. I especially liked the twist at the end.”

“This is a good, short story. Read it.”

An exclusive Hollywood restaurant. Two old friends. He is almost two thousand years old. She is the demon who may hold the key to his damnation or salvation.

Reader reviews:

“Your work leaves me wanting more please.”

“Enjoyed this short story. Could almost be series.”

This short story has nothing at all to do with the Lord of the Rings… Sorry but there are no Orcs, Elves or Hobbits. Instead it features a despotic film director, an academy award nominated actor and a beautiful young girl on the troubled set of a horror movie. What happens when you throw a touch of voodoo into this volatile mix? Let’s just say “lights, Camera…zombies!”

Reader reviews:

“I love a good zombie tale and this one certainly didn’t disappoint. Very good read and defiantly a must for all zombie fans”

A chance meeting in a bar with a beautiful girl leads a lonely man on the ultimate journey of love, hope, redemption and brutal murder.

Reader reviews:



He is a ghost, a whisper, a rumour, a myth… And on a cold winter’s night he is a man determined to reach his target inside an isolated, snow bound house. Spy, soldier, assassin, thief… X could be any of these…or all of them!

Reader reviews:

“Outstanding story and different take on old story. It was fresh, imaginative and told so well that you felt like you were there.”

“This is a must read….i was not expecting that ending……it was a surprise”

The end of the world is at hand and humanity races for survival in the face of an extinction level event that will wipe out all life on Earth.

Reader reviews:

“Beautifully written. Broke my heart to bits.”

“A compelling and realistic portrayal of what many experts consider to be an inevitable phase of Earth’s existence. It—the Earth—has survived it before and may again though it’s questionable if mankind will. We can only wait to see.”

Children believe that monsters are real; the vampire, the werewolf, the thing under the bed. Horrible creatures that only exist in our heads. As we grow up we forget. And sometimes there are real monsters that wear a benign face and a friendly smile – monsters do exist.

Reader reviews:

“Good thriller! Wish it were longer with more victims!!”

“Whoever wrote this needs serious therapy.”

Still Dead







The zombie apocalypse continues in this sequel to Dead!
Told from the unique perspective of one of the zombies, (Still) Dead! continues the occasionally gory, sometimes amusing exploration of what it feels like to be one of the living dead.

Reader reviews:

“Lots of fun & even plenty of warm smiles on the way to a GREAT ending!”



Tales From The Lounge was a weekly webcomic written and illustrated by myself between 2005/06. Inspired by and very loosely based on the video game Zoo Tycoon the complete run can be found on the Zookeeper’s Lounge forum of which I am still an admin.


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