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UntitldggdgedAlmost a year ago an ambitious independent film project was screened for the first time to an enthusiastic audience. Checking In has gone on to be featured in film festivals across the world and won Best British Film at the London Film Awards 2014. The movie is now available on VOD for the first time and in celebration of its continued success we’re going to be visiting some of the cast and reflecting upon the film in a series of special blogs.

In this continuing series of interviews we have the extraordinary Tony Gibbons.

Tony being interviewed by Satnam Rana for BBC Midlands Today

Tony being interviewed by Satnam Rana for BBC Midlands Today

Can you tell us a little bit about your character in Checking In?

My character Aaron is a young gay man who on first appearance seems to be totally happy in his skin, and much more comfortable with his lifestyle than Pete, who is still struggling with his sexuality. As the story plays out though we see that it hasn’t always been that way for Aaron, that he had to deal with bullying and other problems that come with being ‘different’, and although he appears outwardly happy meeting men for a bit of fun here and there, what he’s really searching for is a place, and a person, to belong.

What aspects of your character did you enjoy portraying most?547345_10151031065187409_714681489_n

Although I am a straight man myself, I have a good number of friends who are gay, and so I am all too familiar with some of the issues they have to deal with from ignorant individuals. What I liked about Aaron was the mix of emotions, and the fact that as the story progressed I got to let his mask slip and reveal more than what first meets the eye.

What sort of preparation did you have to do for this role?

I generally just try to find and play the truth in a text, and live in those circumstances as if they were real. I thought the story was so well written that that made it an easy job!

482382_10152743749050241_1231987474_nWhat was it like working in a real life hotel?

It definitely added a sense of realism to the imagined circumstances.

What type of movie do you enjoy watching and why?

It depends! On my mood, my company… I like any genre as long as its well done… I actually really like a well done rom-com with some drama to them – indie romance… something like the film ‘Jesse and Celeste Forever’. And then there’s always those nights where a good (or REALLY bad!) action film is needed!

What was the most challenging aspect of the production for you?

I love my sleep and we shot through the night… depriving me of my beloved sleep. It was worth it though!

Click the image below to see the film’s trailer –

checkingindeskChecking in is now currently available on VOD at the following sites –

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Check back soon for another interview with the cast of Checking In.