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UntitldggdgedAlmost a year ago an ambitious independent film project was screened for the first time to an enthusiastic audience. Checking In has gone on to be featured in film festivals across the world and won Best British Film at the London Film Awards 2014. The movie is now available on VOD for the first time and in celebration of its continued success we’re going to be visiting some of the cast and reflecting upon the film in a series of special blogs.

In this continuing series of interviews we have the excelent Laura Jayne Evenson.

Can you tell u388057_481574851853008_963487028_ns a little bit about your character in Checking In?

I would describe my character (Janessa) as a geek but she’s happy and confident with who she is. She knows what she enjoys and so she doesn’t care what other people think about it or what they think of her.

What aspects of your character did you enjoy portraying most?

I enjoyed portraying the relationship that grew between Janessa and Ed throughout the film. Janessa really helps Ed grow in confidence and makes him more comfortable with who he is. The most challenging aspect of the production was wearing that annoying wig; it made my head itch like crazy!315330_481575215186305_907707754_n

What was it like working in a real life hotel?

It was strange filming in a real hotel as their were still real guest staying and using all the facilities but it was fun all at the same time and easier to get into character and make the story feel real.

What type of movie do you enjoy watching and why?

I don’t watch many films unfortunately, as I struggle to find the time but when I do I watch a variety of different films depending on what mood I’m in. The last film I watched was Paddington on my flight to LA.

Click the image below to see the film’s trailer –

checkingindeskChecking in is now currently available on VOD at the following sites –

10868278_10154976281070241_1462151664844279540_nVimeo Link (click image)


VHX Link (click image)

Check back soon for another interview with the cast of Checking In.