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Screaming Death -1From the group of award-winning filmmakers that created Checking In, The House of Screaming Death is a very special horror anthology that celebrates the bloody best of British horror films.

This anthology film features four stories of heart-shredding terror, related to a very select group of guests by an enigmatic collector of the macabre – The Architect.

architectcard2The core creative team are all massive horror fans, and because of that they know just what ingredients are required to produced a truly scary story; great characters, smart dialogue, wonderful locations, sumptuous costumes and of course some memorable and very bloody deaths.

Filming will commence in August at an exceptional location; the Manor House in West Bromwich – a 13th century, grade 1 listed building with its very own haunted history.

Pre-production is currently underway, but today marks the next big step in the quest top make this independent film as epic as it can possibly be – the Indiegogo  crowd funding campaign.


Four very special teaser trailers have already been produced utilising some of the shooting locations and serve to introduce you to each of the stories that will feature in the final film. Here are four eyecatch teases to whet your appetite for the full prequel trailers:

The Lady in Grey -Written & Directed by Troy Dennison

The Witch in the Mirror – Written by Mark Lees & Directed by Rebecca Harris-Smith

The Vampyre -Written & Directed by Dave Hastings

The Diabolique – Written & Directed by Alex Bourne

The final sequence of the film featuring the mysterious Architect will be Directed by Kaushy Patel.


    • Tell the world about the film! Pester everyone and anyone you know about the project.
    • Share the Indiegogo page; it shows you’re cool and your support is appreciated.
    • Like and share the Facebook and Twitter pages.
    • Check out the website.

Everything you do to spread the word about this film helps raise awareness of the project and could not only help these film makers reach their ambitious goal, but perhaps even surpass it.





Spread the word, let the nightmare begin.