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I watched the stars fall from the sky.

Thin fingers of light traced their fiery path across the heavens. The night air was warm as it cocooned me, holding me in its intimate embrace as I watched the cosmic fireworks. The burning ribbons of light fell in silence, somehow eerie and comforting at the same time. It was an ethereal lightshow of the grandest nature and I was the solitary witness to the glory.

The cool breeze that blew in from the ocean tugged at my clothes and hair as I lay on the beach. It soothed my bare skin like a balm, as relaxing in its was as the soft sound of the breaking waves. The rhythmic flow of the breakers was the only sound in the night. If I turned my head I could make out the lines of foam as the waves peaked, lit by the orange glow of the moon. It looked like lines of flame, rolling across the water, reaching for the shore.

The sand beneath me was dry and fine, pleasant to the touch as I traced my fingers through it. Once I left this place I knew that the burning lines of the waves would roll up the beach, eradicating every trace that I had been here. There would be nothing left, no sign, and no reminder that a living person had ever touched this shore. That was fitting in a way that was far too metaphysical for me to grasp. I would leave the pondering of it to other, better minds if there were anyone else left. Instead I would just stay here a while, lost in myself as I watched the sky.

I breath in deeply, tasting the oceans salt on my tongue. It reminds me of tears, as if the world is weeping for me. Perhaps it is, and the sadness of the thought tugs at my heart. I will lie here a little longer and watch the sky before I leave this place. I will enjoy the terrible beauty of the heavens, as one by one the stars go out forever.



Here’s a little piece of free fiction to get you going on this Bank Holiday weekend. It was partly inspired by watching a meteor shower with my son – a truly amazing sight. I hope you enjoyed reading it.

This story is dedicated to the wonderful Koneko-Chan, who always makes me smile when she talks about space.