I’m not a fast writer.
There, I said it. Now my secret’s out and everyone can go right ahead and judge me. When I say that I’m slow I really do mean it. A thousand words in a day is a good day for me; two thousand is a minor miracle. I constantly get astounded by writers who can knock out fifteen thousand words in a day – I’d love to be able to do that. My only consolation with the glacial pace of my writing is that I know the words I write aren’t going to need much work afterwards. That’s down to me labouring a sentence and occasionally savaging it like a dog with a bone.
I’ve tried different things to speed myself up – changing location when I write, having music or a movie in the background, sometimes writing in silence. All of these work for me of course but none of them seem to increase the wordcount significantly. I’ve spent entire days standing up in the kitchen writing just to see if that made a difference – the only obvious one being that I didn’t have far to go to make more coffee!
For the last week I’ve been trying a new approach – writing first thing in the morning. Get up, put the coffee on, walk the dog and then sit down at my trusty laptop. It seems to have worked a treat too – I’ve been hammering away at a short story “Bad Dice” that I’m thoroughly enjoying working on. Of course I’m going very slowly on it.
I suppose some of that lack of speed this week has been provided my newfound love of Game of Thrones – I really enjoyed the TV series so I thought I’d give the books a whirl. I’ve liked George RR Martin for years but I never seemed to get round to picking up Song of Ice and Fire until now. Wow! Just wow. It’s page turning, addictive stuff. I keep having the whole – just one more chapter and I’ll go to bed dilemma!
I think in the end that I’m resigned to being slow when it comes to writing. I should take consolation in the fact that the tortoise won the race because at least I know I’ll cross the finish line with each story. It may just take me a LOT longer than most people to get there!