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I realised yesterday that I somehow managed to get through the whole of April without making a post.
It wasn’t that I didn’t have anything to say – far from it in fact. It was more a case of me slacking off instead.
So here’s a mini-update of what the last month held…

Checking In

I started the month with a wee bit of acting – playing the part of a sleazy businessman in one of the segments of an anthology film. Checking In is set in a hotel during a 24 hour period and follows five seperate, but linked stories.

The cast and crew were fantastic – a genuine pleasure to work with and some of the nicest people I’ve been on set with. The location was a real hotel, we shot in full HD, and the day was a twelve hour stretch that seemed to fly by.

The other cool thing about this film is that I wrote the opening segment and it will mark my debut as a director when we shoot it in July (no pressure!). Once all five segments are completed then it’s time for chopping, scoring and at some point it goes off to sunny Cannes.

Out Of The Woods

There’s a short story I wrote some years ago that I’m finally getting around to illustrating. I spent a lot of time doing “research” which involved watching a bunch of werewolf movies. Some were good, some were bad, but they all helped me somewhat in my quest to figure out how to draw a big furry beastie!


This is a wee distraction that I’ve spent the last week going over and polishing. Haunted is a feature screenplay I’ve written, set in a potentially haunted house. It follows a group of ghost hunters/ parasychologists as they try to capture evidence of genuine paranormal phenomenon. My objective here is for an old fashioned scare rather than a blood bath. I want people jumping out of their seats in fright rather than getting grossed out.

There’s still other stuff that’s provided distractions too – such as reading, watching movies, playing video games and taking up archery! But all in all that’s a broad outline of what I got up to last month. I shall try to be more on the ball through May – I have a couple of dates worth of filming coming up for different projects so watch out for information on those. And of course, I shall be working on Out of the Woods, After Dark and a few other things too.

Watch this space…