This may turn into a slight ramble so I appologise beforehand if it does. Just sit back, indulge me for a while and let’s see what happens eh?


I’m constantly suprised and amazed that people read my work. That may sound a bit odd but bear with me for a moment or three. When I write I craft stories that I know I would enjoy reading and because I have a tale to tell. Some of them have sub-text and a message to get across but for the most part I’m just trying to entertain. When I started self-publishing I had no real expectations; it really was a case of getting the stories out there and waiting to see what happened next.

Some people like them, some loathe them. The important thing though is that people are reading them. That’s incredibly gratifying (and one of the things that suprises me). Peple take the time to review them – and trust me when I tell you a thick skin is required when reading reviews of your work! In some ways it’s a lot like having someone criticise your child. People even add my work to their personal online libraries and reading lists and that astounds me.
Seeing my stories available on Barnes & Noble and Borders et al is rather gratifying, but when they surface on more obscure websites, online shops and blogs it makes my day every single time. Each time I look at the figures and try to wrap my head around how many thousands of people have taken the time to download my work and read it – that’s mind melting.

I’m no Grisham, King or Rowling but people do read my work and that makes it worthwhile. For every person who has taken the time and effort to review, critique or share my stories – thank you. Good or bad, positive or negative, the fact that you took the time means a lot to me.


Since the release of my newest short story The Implant I’m currently focusing all my energy into my second novel After Dark.

After Dark is set in the Staffordshire town of Wood Slade. Following a brutal murder DI Jason Tate and his team race against time to catch the killer before they strike again. It’s a complete change of both pace and genre from Hunters and it’s chewing up a lot of time and effort at the moment. The hardest part (other than ensuring I have all the Police proceedure correct) is establishing the timeline of events and tying that into the investigation, linking each lead and each supspect in a logical, progressive manner. It’s also damn good fun and I love the characters to bits.

My plan is to hammer away at After Dark until it’s completed and not allow myself to get distracted by anything else. Good plan. Great plan. I’ve currently got a 5 foot long board plastered with notes and scribbles, a large map of the area and three notepads of scrawl on the go – it’s more of a dis-organisation methodology for writing, but it seems to be working so far!

Aaand that’s about it for now. I’m off into town to get some more fresh avocados – I’ve become mildly addicted to my home made guacamole salsa this week. Yum!