Not so long ago I wrote a piece about writing outside your comfort zone. There was a very, very good reason for the article; I was writing so far outside my comfort zone that it was scaring me.

How far you ask?

Well…I write horror and science fiction, fantasy and thrillers. Anything beyond that would be considered strange waters for me to navigate. That didn’t stop me from a little experiment though – for the longest time (years, possibly decades) I’ve joked about writing romance.

Romance sells; there’s a built in market.

I sort of kinda leaned more towards the erotica side of romance which has fewer flowers and sighs and lots more hardcore tripple x rated action. Stop judging me! I figured that if Philip Jose Farmer could get away with it…

But I wanted to separate myself from this new direction and so Nico Servis was born. Nico likes to jet ski (as do I) he loves Wales and visits as often as he can (and so do I) and he likes the darker, kinkier side of life (*gulp*).

Nico’s first short story did very well indeed and prompted a second. He had a Twitter, a blog and a FaceBook…and he was getting on my nerves. I liked the seperation of my genres but trying to maintain two distinct and self defined entities was exhausting.

The bottom line of was that I just plain gave up trying. Nico is still a law unto himself (my dark, kinky alter-ego if you like) and he will contnue to write and publish stories that will tantalise and titilate you. Watch this space if you dare.

At the end of the day – I AM Spartacus, I am Nico Servis.