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Time Travelling

A long time ago…
I wrote a story – Monsters was originally published in October 2007 in 13 Human Souls Ezine as a piece of flash fiction.
It had its birth as a combination of two things – the UK media climate at the time,  the persecution and outing of paedophiles, and the fact that I was doing jury service on a case that upset me an incredible amount.
Driving home along the motorway after a long day in court I started thinking and by the time I reached home I hit the computer and started writing.
Monsters was the final result.
There’s a funny thing about the story that people miss on their first reading – it’s nasty and the obvious villain gets his just deserts.
However on closer study something else becomes apparent…the story it told in first person and the only viewpoint we get is that of the narrator. In the final summation is what he percieves the truth? If so then our villain is trully caught. But what if the narrator is himself deluded and the person he persecutes is an innocent?
More pointedly is the notion that even IF the villain of the piece IS the monster the narrator describes – does he deserve the fate he meets? And who in the end is the bigger monster?
It’s meant to make you think, it’s meant to have a duality to the narrative and above all it is meant to make you question where the boundary lies between justice and barbarity.

go give it a read and see for yourself – it’s cheerfully free and available in all major digital eBook formats.