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I’m going to start this with something I wrote elsewhere…

This is really a straightforward venting of the good old spleen on a topic that’s so near and dear to my heart – art. This touches on a something I mentioned previously – WHAT ACTUALLY CONSTITUTES ART?
The Turner prize to be exact.
I’ve just looked over what won £25,000 and honestly? To say that I don’t get it would be a HUGE understatement.
Looking at all the entires the only one I really liked WAS art – photorealistic paintings that were genuinely good in my less than humble opinion. But the so called sculpures and the rest – honestly I wasn’t impressed. Lookinng at the language the judges used in describing the winner the only thing I could think of was “pretentious bollocks”
I quote: “…he employs his grammar of forms, Boyce’s sparse, intelligent sculptures evolve each time they are exhibited, exploring new tensions…”
Honestly there are GREAT artists out there that are both under-rated and underexposed while stuff like this gets HUGE props, major exposure and a buttload of money chucked at the artist so he can go do something similar.
I was looking at some graffiti the other day and the work was gorgeous. The artists were genuinely talented people (with an unusual urban medium to be sure) – nobody knows who they are, nobody really cares and the odds are on they’d more likely land community service than a monetary prize for exhibiting their work.
But there’s no pretention, no airs and graces, and no gallery offering them praise and prizes.
To me those graffiti artists should be recieving the recognition for their talent – what they produce is ART in its purest form – unadulterated, from the heart and there to be enjoyed (and possibly removed later by the local council).
I’d rather see that than a bedfull of ham ANY day of the week.
I’d pick Banksy and artists like him over Boyce and his crowd every single time.

which brings me to where I came in – Banksy.

I was looking over his website earlier and cheerfully chuckling along to his work. I love the sensibility and sense of humour he brings to the table. I like the way he takes the serious and deflates it by pointing out the absurd at its heart. This is genuine art – it challenges you, it makes you react, it makes you THINK. Its never boring, it never tries to be anything other than what it is. It is fresh and original and bold and inventive and the best thing of all is that its NEVER pretentious and never EVER dull or boring.