Today has a good point and a bad point.

Let’s start with the bad. I got cast in a radio drama, which was rather nice for me as an actor. The producer asks me to record the dialogue and forward it by today because they have a deadline to hit. So I record everything for them – it’s only five lines but I give them multiple takes, nice clean MP3s of what they need. The problem is that they haven’t given me a contact email – our only point of contact is via an acting jobs website. Despite having sent several messages through the system I’ve still not heard back and their clock is ticking. It’s very dissapointing especially I took the time and effort to give them exactly what they needed. Once again illustrating my favourite point that other people have a tremendous capacity for being able to let you down no matter what you do to help them.

But then there’s the reverse of that – as I writer I work alone. I write the story, produce and compile the cover artwork and select how and where to publish. Everything is down to me, and the only person I have to blame if something goes wrong is myself. In some ways I prefer to work this way because I take the fall if it goes wrong and all the pressure and responsibility is on me. I spent this weekend putting together a short story that I’ve e-published today in various digital formats. People are already downloading it and liking it – and THAT is probably the most gratifying feeling in the world. I did that, it’s all down to me.

I’m not sure if I have a message here – it’s more a case of reporting the facts. I’m sure people can look at this and draw their own conclusions.