I’m having a strange sensation today.

It’s something new, something outside my normal realm of experience. I’m not sure if I’m entirely comfortable with it just yet. Perhaps it’s the strangeness, perhaps it’s something else – I just don’t know.

Confused? You should try being me for a moment. The source of this unnusual sensation is a simple one – I’m being edited for a magazine. Someone is taking my story, my words and changing them. That seems kind of wrong to me somehow – like dating your cousin maybe?

At the stroke of a pen (well a mouse in this instance) whole paragraphs are vanishing, sentences are being re-structured – the story is changing from what it was into something else. Not evolving, because that would be a natural change – this is something different, something almost scary. New ground, unknown territory. I’m not sure that I like it.

Some of the changes are fine, some I can see are being made to ease the flow of the story for the format it will be presented in. But there are some that don’t feel right to me somehow. To be honest I’m more than happy to make most of the changes although there are two sentences I am SO going to fight for – and a couple that need to be allowed to breath to fit properly back into the flow of words.

I’m not undully concerned – this is a first for me after all and it’s nice to get the exposure. And of course I get the opportunity to present a “directors cut” so to speak at any further printing of the work (electronic or otherwise).

I just wonder if other writers feel the same way – when they have spent time and effort crafting the words, creating the sentences and paragraphs, making them work structurally and then to have someone come along and change that…

Watch this space – there may be more in the future.